The plastic bag

Have you ever seen American Beauty??  You know the part where the guy had filmed the plastic bag just floating around in the whirlwind between buidings??  I witnessed that the other day.  I was leaving work and right outside there was this plastic bag just dancing on the breeze.  It was so beautiful I stopped caring that I was trying to get home and I stood there and just watched it until the breeze died and it fell and was once again just a piece of trash.  I smiled and walked away.  It was amazing.

4 thoughts on “The plastic bag

  1. LOL! I love it when people can see the joy in something so simple.
    I would have never thought that but now if I ever see that
    I will give it another thought.

  2. I don’t know why exactly,but the older I get,the more things like that mean something to me.Maybe even something beautiful.I think I’m just taking the time now to soak stuff in,ya know?Life’s too short.I get what you are saying in your stories.Just stumbled across them,kinda like the plastic bag.BTW,I’m from New Orleans,I love my accent!

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