The Nole

Seminole, Oklahoma.  Population: 6,899


The place I call home.  It’s strange that when I was there, growing up in the small town atmosphere, all I wanted to do was get out.  Just go somewhere and live out my dreams of living in a big city and becoming someone that no one knew I could be.  I wanted to go anywhere bigger than a town where when you went to drive around to “clear your head” you were at the place you left off within 5 minutes.


Now that I’m older and live in a larger city all I can do is wish that I was back there.  Back in that small comfortable little town that I still call home.  Because it is home.  It will always be home to me.


Seminole, or “The Nole” to those from there, is a place where I can go to get away from my troubles.  It’s a place where I don’t have to be doing anything and have the greatest time of my life.  It’s a place where I can sit around a bonfire with my closest friends and shoot the shit all night while listening to country music from somebody’s truck stereo.  It’s a place where I don’t have to be afraid that my twangy accent will slip when I talk.  There are no pretenses.  No one judges you when you show up in your t-shirt and jeans with muddy boots and worn out Carhartt on.  Because they understand.  It’s not a popularity contest.  You just have to sit there and just…be.